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A new, very high-performance exhaust system has been created thanks to Akrapovič’s skilful workmanship combined with Ducati design, exclusively for Panigale. It is completely manufactured in special titanium alloy and TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) type welding, to offer the highest lightness and resistance to high temperatures. It is equipped with a dedicated engine map to meet specific racing requirements and ensure maximum performance. The already excellent weight/power ratio of the supersport bike has been further improved by this exclusive accessory, for breathtaking acceleration and sprint.

Weight reduction [kg] 7.0
Power at medium rpm [hp] +3%
Torque at medium rpm [Nm] +12%
Max. Power [hp] +3%
Max. Torque [Nm] +3%
Composition Titanio

Caution: indication of exhaust type-approval in a specific country only applies to the specified country. For the rest of the world, the same exhaust must be considered “racing”, i.e. designed for competition vehicles, only used in a closed racetrack. Law forbids use of the motorcycle out of closed racetracks if this exhaust is installed.

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