Smartphone support


Smartphone support 96680751A

This smartphone support made of aluminium alloy by means of a CNC machine fits on all types of handlebars. It can be mounted with the positioning arm or as a direct clamp support. Both solutions allow 360° rotation for optimal positioning. For maximum protection of your smartphone, the support is designed with a unique system that allows you to cut G forces up to 40%, greatly reducing vibrations. After connecting the smartphone cover to the bike using the support, you will be free to enjoy your travels without any worries.

kr 900,- In stock
Passer til Modell:SuperSport, SuperSport S
Deksel Iphone X (630) Iphone 6/7/8 (630) Iphone 6+/7+/8+ (630) Samsung S8/S9 (630) Samsung S8+/S9+ (630)
Smartphone support Smartphone support Smartphone support